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Welcome - Insurance for UK drivers

Car insurance is a subject (and a purchase) where a large number of people feel like they could get better value for money. In many cases they are right!

Welcome to Car Insurance Online. You've come to the right place if you are looking to maximize your insurance cover whilst obtaining the best possible price.

Each person will be looking for different things, but we all have fundamental requirements when it comes to insurance, and there are not that many categories that we fall into. Insurers know this hence why they use a variety of methods to calculate premiums, not least statistical information.

Please navigate our website to see how you can reduce your insurance premiums through various methods that may suit you, and crucially, are not always well explained and well known. Two of the biggest factors are your age(i.e. experience) and No Claims Bonus.

As ever, it is recommended to only obtain the level of cover you need, but always go for value for money. If you are likely to use your car for business once in a while, and the cost is not substantially different (which experience has shown it not to be) then get that cover. Some insurers are cheeky enough to request whether you would like to go SDP only without commuting, when the extra premium for commuting is only 20 or so. Of course, you have to remember that with insurers, you are both coming together with different motives, they want to get most money for least cover, and you want the opposite!

Finally, one last thing to say - PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU RECEIVE NOTIFICATION OF INSURANCE BEFORE YOU SET OFF. This might sound overly precautious, but it could save your licence. At the very least ensure you have a policy number if buying over the phone and needing to use the vehicle immediately (i.e. when buying a new car).

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