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Driving Without Insurance

Ok. Picture the scene, youíve got the keys to your mums/dads/friends/sister/brothers car, there is no one about, and you need to nip down to the shops for some cigarettes/drinks/whatever else you need. It wonít take you long, and no one is going to find out. But youíre not insured, so do you go for it, or do you walk/take the bus?

Itís a situation countless numbers have been in, and no doubt many have got away with it, but the effects of an uninsured accident run deeper than just the 6 points and the fine (and compulsory licence confiscation and examination retake if youíve had your licence less than 2 years).

For a start, your insurance cost will be loaded massively, and will be so for the next 3 years at least. Then you have to deal with the fact that, any damage that has been caused will have to be paid from your own pocket. This means that if the worst happens and someone is seriously injured or killed, you will have to bear the costs awarded by the court. This can be devastating for you, despite the already emotional trauma of having caused injury/death to another person. Awards in these accidents, for death, can run to hundreds of thousands of pounds, and this will forever be a burden on your shoulders, while at the same time never allowing you to come to terms with the emotional pain.

Hopefully you will think twice about taking the car for just that quick spin.

It has been known for people to be charged with lack of insurance merely by SITTING on and PUSHING a motorcycle on a public road, without the engine being on. Please make sure you are careful when sitting on/behind the wheel or any motorcycle/vehicle, even parking a car for a friend is still driving the vehicle!

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