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Protected No Claims Bonus

Those with full no claims bonus will no doubt be aware of what insurers call NCB protection. This is where, within a certain period of time (usually 2 years) you can make a specified number of claims (usually 3) and your no claims bonus will be unaffected, meaning you will still retain full no claims bonus.

This usually costs somewhere around 10% extra on top of your annual premium, of course depending on exact circumstances and the insurer concerned.

This might sound like it doesn’t need any thought and should be taken up without delay, but before you do take this protection, make sure it really will benefit you.

As you’ll know from obtaining quotes from insurers, they will ask if you have ever been in an accident, including a non fault accident. Even those who have been involved in non fault accidents and who have had the claim settled completely by the third party, have had their insurance premiums loaded more than if they had never been involved in the accident. This is of course completely unfair, and not once has a representative of any insurance company ever been able to satisfactorily explain this one.

Of course you will get loaded even more if it is a fault accident or any other claim on your policy, so bear in mind your policy will most likely NOT cost the same as it would have pre claim last time round. Although you would in effect have your full no claims bonus, not all insurers will give it the same benefit, so you have to ring around or use the internet to see how much of a difference in premium between full no claims with and without a claim.

When considering taking the protected no claims bonus, consider how much it will cost you, and how much it will save you if the time comes. But remember it is not as straight forward as the insurers will like you to believe, and it may not save you as much money, if anything, as you think.

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