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Young Driver Insurance

As a young and new driver you will be faced with the common problem of extremely expensive insurance costs. There are several ways in fact that you can help yourself reduce these costs. The following are some methods that may work well for you.

*complete a pass plus course. You will be given a certificate and many insurers will give you a discount based on this. Some give as high of 20% discount, although some may give you literally none.

*Ensure that the car you have selected is cheap to insure. One of the quickest ways to do this is to check its insurance group, although that does not always tell the full story.

*check to see if you will save a reasonable sum by insuring third party fire and theft rather than fully comprehensive, but bear in mind that if there is not a huge difference you may well be better off with fully comprehensive. Also note that cars worth above a certain amount can be insured only as fully comprehensive, but you can also help yourself here by increasing the excess. See the excess to save page by clicking here.

*adding a female driver or two with a good driving record and above a certain age (for example 40 years old) is also likely to reduce your premiums and can sometimes do so quite drastically. This could literally be anybody and does not have to be your parent.

*going for a limited mileage policy can also help reduce premiums, as can excluding use for commuting to and from work, if you do not intend to use it for that purpose. Note if you do intend to use it for commuting make sure you include the necessary cover on your policy as it has been known for people to be caught using their cars for commuting without the necessary insurance cover and receiving six points for the error of their ways.

* Insure yourself as the main driver using one of your parents no claims bonus. This will work well assuming that your parent's no claims bonus is a healthy three years or more. Note what is being suggested here is not to take out a policy in your parent's name and you as the second driver, where in reality you will be using the car more than your parent. That would effectively amount to insurance fraud. What is being suggested here is to make it very clear to your insurer that you will be the main driver of that car your parent will also be on the policy and you will be making use of their no claims bonus.

Many insurers are happy to do this but be aware that any claim on the policy will reduce your parent's no claims bonus and no doubt increase their insurance the following year, so make sure your parents are fully aware of the risks. Also take into account how much more it will cost your parent on his or her own car without the no claims bonus applied to it (i.e. where the no claims bonus is applied to the young driver's vehicle the cost of insurance of the donor of the no claims bonus own car will increase due to no claims bonus).

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